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Whenever purchase McAfee product, you get a subscription that lets you install, activate and use the software on a certain number of computer/PCs/laptop for a certain period of time. The time of your subscription depends on your purchase, but usually begins when you McAfee activate product.

You can Mcafee activate at any time, if you’ve already install it on your PC.

Before you begin installing or Mcafee Activate, review the features and navigation tools you will use to protect your PC.

1.      Right-click the McAfee icon in your taskbar.
2.      From the menu, select  Mcafee Activate.

1.      If you purchase your product from the McAfee officially website, you do not have to activate your software.
2.      If you purchase your product from a retail store, you must activate after installing your product.
3.      However  purchases your product through McAfee partner (like Dell or Acer), you must Mcafee activate after installing your product.

McAfee Activation is quick and simple
·         All you need is an Internet connection but it’s very important because it entitles you to receive regular, automatic updates that keep your PC protected against the latest threats.
·         If  purchases your software from a retail store or through a McAfee partner, you are prompted to activate your product during the installation process.

For computers and laptops to tablets and smart phones, you live in a connected world. We offer protection for all your pcs , Macs, smart phones,  and tablets.

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