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How to recover your McAfee Mobile Security 6-digit pin when the device is locked?
McAfee is a world-renowned security services provider. Its security solutions are known for providing highly advanced protection to the devices against all kind of viruses, scams and online threats. For more security purpose of Mcafee TotalProtection , Be it Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating system, McAfee security solutions are tailor-made to meet the security needs of all devices.

If your mobile device (on which McAfee mobile security has been installed) is locked because you have forgotten your MMS pin, then simply follow the below mentioned below. Before you follow these steps, ensure that Fingerprint lock is available in McAfee Mobile Security 4.9 or above versions. For recovering your pin, Mcafee TotalProtection, there are two ways:
1.       Via your device
2.      Through MMS website
In first case, on the MMS lock screen, tap Forget PIN and do the following:
·         A temporary pin will be sent to your pre-selected friends/buddies. You can use this pin to unlock your device.
·         If you don’t have pre-selected buddies, you will be sent an email including the instructions for resetting the pin
To recover your pin using your mobile number, you have to first visit Mcafee Total Protection and then follow the below mentioned steps:
·         Hit “Find Device”
·         Choose Mobile Number
·         Click Forget your PIN
·         Enter your phone number and the verification code displayed
·         In case your device is locked, click My Device is Locked
·         Choose Send me the link
·         Check your registered email ID to receive an email for Support pin
·         Your Smartphone is now unlocked!
For recovering your pin using your McAfee account:

·         Click Find Device
·         Choose email address and enter your email address as well as password
·         Now, hit sign in or log in button
·         Open Settings and click Change Pin
For more details visit at
Call at +1-855-550-9333


  1. These steps are really a lifesaver. I forgot my 6 digit pin,by reading this blog.. i now recover my pin and secures my computers data by Mcafee


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